A strategic partnership to develop a highly conventional service business online.

Funeral home Mikko Mononen

Funeral home Mikko Mononen Oy is a company that has been in business for more than a hundred years. Even in this very conventional field of services, the business is moving from brick and mortar to the web. In addition to their service offices in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the information and services offered online also play an important role.


Our cooperation with Mononen began in 2016. In addition to the technical development of their websites and online business, strategic planning, analytics and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) play a major role in the cooperation.


  • Technical development and maintenance of the client’s websites
  • Strategic planning and consulting
  • Analytics
  • Marketing

Our solutions

Planning, production and marketing of a new service concept, Selkeä Hautaus

Funeral home Mikko Mononen wanted to meet the market demand and offer an online funeral service that can be purchased easily and effortlessly without visiting a funeral home. Together with the client, the service concept, products, key lines of communication and visuals that are timeless, modern and appropriate were created.

Alongside the technical production, the planning and production of the site content as well as elements of the visual look-and-feel, such as logos and imagery, were implemented. A marketing campaign was also constructed to subtly but widely make the public aware of the new service.

  •  WP-based website
  • Customized order form / lead generator
  • Various solutions for presenting content to help visitors when addressing this difficult topic.
  • Analytics and conversion tracking as well as continuous SEM started immediately after the launch of the site.