Pucks to the net!

In close collaboration with the client we have built customized, effective content production tools for the hockey team’s extensive and diverse online communications.

Oy HIFK Hockey Ab

Oy HIFK Hockey Ab is the hockey division of the sports organization HIFK. Its representative team plays in the Finnish Elite League. HIFK is the oldest of the League clubs and one of the four clubs to play continuously since the League’s first season. With seven championships, HIFK is one of the most successful clubs in the League.

HIFK actively utilizes various digital channels and wishes to develop the services offered to its stakeholders. HIFK’s online presence covers not only the hifk.fi website but also a mobile application and the HIFK Shop, Stadin Gimmat and Helsinki Reds websites.


We have been supporting HIFK’s online communications, where hifk.fi has played a key role, since 2008. In recent years, we have focused on developing IFK’s web presence into an easy-to-manage ecosystem. It means that all content is produced in a single location from where it is fed to other channels, such as the mobile application, via customized interfaces.

Design and development have been done with agile methods in close collaboration with IFK’s Communications team. As a result the club has received customized, effective content production tools tailored to their needs.


  • Design, production and development of the hifk.fi website
  • Customization and integration of the club’s content management system
  • Mobile application (implementation in collaboration with Digia)
  • Design, production and integration of the B├Ąttre Folk member application in the mobile application