Technology partner for a growing online business

From strategic sparring to hands-on doing: seamless collaboration resulted in a growing online business with personalized visual and communication styles.

CarbeDiem: Team LCHF Suomi

CarbeDiem is a company specializing in the low-carb diet and wellbeing, operating online under the Team LCHF Suomi brand name. The service is built around a membership that is charged from the users monthly. Additionally, the Team offers online coaching programs that complement the membership, for one-off payment.

For their membership fee the members get access to a comprehensive member site that offers blogs, ideas, science and research, as well as a variety of discussion channels, weekly recipe list and recipe bank. Social media has an important role in building the brand and growing the business.


We have worked with the Team’s founders for many years. For them, a natural step in launching a new business and online service was to choose a familiar partner with whom one can collaborate seamlessly, and who has the necessary skills and capacity to deliver a demanding online business solution.

In addition to being the Team’s tech and content producer partner, we are a sparring partner. Many things have fallen into place thanks to the close, open collaboration and fruitful discussions around strategy, ideas and execution.


  • Pre-launch activities: strategic sparring, crystallizing the business case, building the brand image, content production and editing
  • Designing, implementing, developing and optimizing the online business platform
  • Building various online services for the membership site, e.g. a tool for counting nutrients with integration into Fineli’s database
  • Conversion-based SEM