Step by step towards a comprehensive web ecosystem

There are many aspects to online business development. We are pleased to be there for our clients, from exploring the opportunities to implementing and tracking the results.

Oy C.E. Lindgren Ab

C.E. Lindgren is a Porvoo-based, family-owned company with long traditions. It has three business units that manufacture and supply industrial brushes, painting and construction tools, and plastic matting products. The company has recently invested heavily in developing their business’ online visibility.


We have developed the client’s brand image and online presence in close cooperation for a long time. The client’s online ecosystem is still becoming more and more versatile, and at the same time other areas, such as search engine marketing, have been included in the cooperation. Developing online visibility has become an integral part of business development.


Our solutions

A website for the CEL brand

The client wanted a dedicated communication channel for the company's own painting tools brand, the CEL products. The goal for the site was set to serve not only the end users of the products but also the inhouse sales team and retailers.

Harnessing the website to collect sales leads

The client wanted a new website that could better be utilized in presenting the brands and products the company manufactures and represents to their target groups, and to get more contacts and leads for sales. It was important for the client that the website served the users in three languages.

Renewal of brand-dedicated websites

The client wanted to renew the websites of both its construction tools brand E. Vuorio and its plastic matting brand Everslide.Little assisted the client not only in the technical production of the sites but also in the reorganization and development of the content for the new platforms. Both sites are offered in multiple languages. Comprehensive product categorization and e-commerce readiness were built on E. Vuorio's website. At Everslide, it was important to present not only the advanced products but also both references and agents.

Search engine marketing

The goal was to go for quality rather than quantity in leads. With the redefined and reimplemented search engine marketing, the client has received higher quality leads, also from new geographical areas.

Sorting of the brand portfolio

The client wanted to take better control of the brands managed by the company, give them a little update and set guidelines for their use.