Broad cooperation that covers both online and offline marketing

A comprehensive marketing and communications partnership frees up client’s resources for other business-critical activities.

Havator Group

Havator is the leading provider of lifting services in the Nordics. The lifting operations are complemented by special transport, heavy haulage and project services, which Havator can provide throughout Finland thanks to its extensive fleet and local depot network.

Speed, cost-efficiency, careful planning and safety thinking are emphasized in Havator’s certified operations. Havator employs more than 450 professionals in 4 countries and has over 250 cranes in more than 30 local depots.


We have been working with Havator Group on brand and marketing development since 2018. The partnership began with a brand renewal project and continued to renewing the group websites (FI | SE | EE | NO | COM). In Finland, we work very closely and assist the client in various day-to-day marketing and communications initiatives according to the co-produced annual marketing plan.


  • Comprehensive renewal of the Group’s web ecosystem¬†as a multisite solution for WordPress
  • Updating and managing of corporate brand/identity
  • Content and material production
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)