Online communications support across the club’s sporting team roster

In close collaboration with the client we have built customized, effective content production tools for the club’s extensive and diverse online communications.


HIFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, Helsingfors) is a Helsinki-based sports club founded in 1897. Its range of sports includes track-and-field, football, bandy, ice hockey, handball, floorball, bowling, futsal and golf.

HIFK is known for its football, bandy, ice hockey and handball representative teams. I all of these, HIFK is one of the most successful clubs in Finland. Although the teams now operate through their own organizations, they are united by the HIFK name and logo, the colors of the club, a long tradition and loyal supporters.

HIFK actively utilizes various digital channels and wishes to develop the services offered to its stakeholders. HIFK’s online presence covers not only the website but also a mobile application and the HIFK Shop, Stadin Gimmat and Helsinki Reds websites.


We have been supporting HIFK’s online communications, where has played a key role, since 2008. In recent years, we have focused on developing IFK’s web presence into an easy-to-manage ecosystem. It means that all content is produced in a single location from where it is fed to other channels, such as the mobile application, via customized interfaces.

Design and development have been done with agile methods in close collaboration with IFK’s Communications team. As a result the club has received customized, effective content production tools tailored to their needs.


  • Design, production and development of the hifk.fiHIFK Shop, Stadin Gimmat and Helsinki Reds websites.
  • Customization and integration of the club’s content management system
  • Mobile application (implementation in collaboration with Digia)
  • Design, production and integration of the Bättre Folk member application in the mobile application

Our solutions

Paid content for true supporters

IFK wanted to launch a communication channel built behind a pay wall for the team’s toughest supporters, the Bättre Folk. The team wanted to implement a notification functionality, too, and therefore the mobile application was chosen as the platform. Paid content for the members, as well as membership management, takes place in IFK's content management system.

Real-time game reporting

IFK needed a solution that would allow the events of the games be shown in real time on their website. We built an app that utilizes the Elite League interface, keeps an eye on the IFK games and reports back to the site event by event. Game-specific, real-time goal reporting is also utilized in outdoor advertising produced by IFK's creative office.

hREDS website

Helsingin IFK’s hREDS e-sport team website was built in cooperation with the team’s inhouse design and content production team. The site was set up on WordPress whereto the contents were migrated from an old platform. The content production tools available in the site backend were specifically customized to effectively serve the hREDS communications team’s needs.