Digitalizing for efficiency

Comprehensive development of online communications tools brings about efficiency, effectivity and data that helps in determining future actions.

Suomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue – Svenska folkpartiet i Finland

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (RKP-SFP) is a 100+-years-old political party, with thirty thousand members in about fifty local chapters. The Party’s district organizations are located in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Southwest Finland and Ostrobothnia. The Swedish People’s Party is governed by a general assembly, which is held annually. Between these assemblies, the Party is governed by its council and board in accordance with the decisions made by the assembly.

The Party’s need to develop its digital tools and communication channels arises not only from geographical distances but also from their desire to take the external and internal communications and collaboration among party members to a new level.


We have been working with the Swedish People’s Party of Finland since 2012. The Party’s current website was launched in late 2018, and all content from the old site, together with the functionalities, was transferred from Drupal to WordPress. At the same time, a major development initiative for the digital ecosystem was launched. Due to our long-term cooperation we have deep understanding of the Party’s operations and needs. We can smoothly respond to their development requests within the context that stems from the special characteristics of their operating environment.

We work closely with the Party’s communications team and develop different digital applications that facilitate communication within the Party’s online channels, both internally and externally. One important goal has been to minimize manual work through automation. Continuous sparring and agile implementation play a vital role in reaching this goal.


  • website design, production and development
  • Integrations into the Party’s resource management systems
  • Design and production of a parliamentary election website
  • Design, production and development of online tools for in-party use
  • Migration of the web ecosystem from Drupal to WordPress

Our solutions

Dynamic election website

Allowing the party’s parliamentary election candidates to produce a uniform presentation of themselves for the party's election website effectively reduced the workload of the party's communications department.

Tailored tool for the party’s communications needs - a tailored tool built for the needs of the SPF’s communications department, whose functionalities support the party's internal processes as well as internal and external communications.